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Find a Sleep Lab

Patients with DSPD or Non-24
have found these sleep labs willing to
accommodate CRD patients on their CRD schedule

Disclaimer: We simply post suggestions we receive from patients. We do not have first-hand knowledge of these sleep labs, and cannot be held responsible for bad suggestions or errors in posted information.

Let us know at if you find errors or broken links.

** We would like to hear about other sleep labs who have knowledge about circadian rhythm disorders (CRDs) and are willing to accommodate their patient's schedule for the sleep study. ** If you would like to suggest a sleep lab for inclusion, please send (to ) the lab's contact information and any comments you wish to include to help us evaluate. (Your name and comments will remain private.) Thank you for helping others find a sleep lab.

Alternative to a Lab Study

Many clinics now offer sleep studies done at HOME, so you can do them at any time that works for you. It is also a lot less expensive than in a lab, $100 - $500 vs over $2,000, so may be an option for those without insurance coverage.

SLEEP LABS OUTSIDE OF THE USA, alphabetically by country (English name):


Centro de Diagnósticos Brasil - CDB
Rua Marselhesa, 500 - Vila Mariana
São Paulo - SP Brazil
Tel: +55 11 5908-0222

SLEEP LABS IN THE USA, alphabetically by state:


Johns Hopkins Hospital Sleep Center
Baltimore, Maryland
reportedly allows an alternate wake time of 9:30

Comprehensive Sleep Care Center
Germantown, Maryland
also in Bethesda, and 5 locations in northern Virginia - don't know if they all cater to CRD hours
Phone: 703.729.3420 (for all locations)


Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Phone: (617) 667-7000

North Carolina

UNC Sleep Disorders Center (hospital lab)
Anderson Pavilion
101 Manning Dr
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
Phone: (919) 966-4401


Abington Sleep Center
Abington, Pennsylvania 19001

Main Line Health Systems
Philadelphia area (several locations), Pennsylvania
If problem scheduling around your circadian-disordered sleep hours, contact Peter Allen at (484) 227-4167 for assistance.


Comprehensive Sleep Care Center
Lansdowne, Virginia
and 4 other locations in northern Virginia plus two in Maryland - don't know if they all cater to CRD hours
Phone: 703.729.3420 (for all locations)

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