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Webmaster's note July, 2013:
They have already fixed the most serious misinformation on Non-24 in sighted people, and have now added a section on DSPD, so there is NO LONGER A NEED TO WRITE THEM.
Further changes in the Non-24 pages are under discussion. The emails from our members and others were instrumental in bringing about these changes. Thank you! Together we have a voice!

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NSF has not included DSPD on their website!

  • There is a drop-down list near the top of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) home page with various sleep disorders. But Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) is not on the list. Clicking on the items in this list takes you to a page on the selected disorder. So we'd need a page (or several) on DSPD, and perhaps other CRSDs.
  • There is a separate page (actually 2 linked pages) also listing sleep disorders, at Here too Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is not on the list.
We have asked the NSF to rectify these changes on several occasions, but they have not responded.

Our recent email campaign got a harmful statement on Non-24 changed

Recently the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) created a new set of web pages for Non-24-Hour Sleep Wake Disorder (Non-24) at We had several criticisms of these pages, which we wrote up in our original letter, which you can view here. One statement was particularly harmful and offensive, as well as completely incorrect.

Thanks to your emails to them, NSF has changed the most objectionable statement to our satisfaction, and added a link to our website.  However, they have not yet made the other modifications we asked for. And they still do not list DSPD at all. That's why we're urging you again to write them.

Please Write the NSF!

Please write the National Sleep Foundation (again, if you've written already!) to add DSPD, and to underscore your concerns about the other issues. You can write Kristin Jones at She has promised to forward emails to the people with authority. If enough people are upset enough, we will get action. And please copy, so we get an idea of how many people wrote.

A sample email appears below. You may use it all, or just the parts you prefer. It may be more persuasive if you add a personal sentence or two at the top. But most important is to send something. Detailed instructions appear below, in case these are helpful.

Sample Email

Send to:
Subject: Please Add DSPD to the NSF Website

Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) still does not appear in the dropdown list of disorders on your home page, nor anywhere on your Disorders pages ( I appreciate that you've added Non-24, but there is still nothing on DSPD.
Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is estimated to affect 500,000 American adults [1]. The adolescent version, which can resolve during early adulthood, has been estimated to affect as many as 8% of teens [2]. Compare this with estimates of Non-24 prevalence of perhaps 90,000, and narcolepsy prevalence of about 150,000, both of which are documented on the NSF web site, and you see that not including DSPD is a major omission. People come to NSF looking for guidance and information, and covering these major disorders is important for your credibility as well as for us sufferers to obtain treatment and accommodation and even respect.
Also, on the Non-24 pages, thank you for correcting the most egregious paragraph, but there is still the sentence on your Facts & Prevalence page (, 3rd paragraph) that states:
"People with N24HSWD have circadian rhythms that are not synchronized with the 24-hour day-night cycle, either through a failure of light to reach the SCN, as in total blindness, or due to inappropriate exposure to light-dark cycles, as with some sighted people". This again perpetuates the misinformation that Non-24 in sighted people is brought on and maintained by their own choices. You finally removed that misinformation on the Depression page. Please replace the final phrase above with "or due to various other reasons in sighted people."
Thank you for your continued help on this.
<your name>
[1] Schrader H, Bovim G, Sand T, The prevalence of delayed and advanced sleep phase syndromes (1993) (PubMed:
[2] Saxvig IW, Pallesen S et al, Prevalence and correlates of delayed sleep phase in high school students (2012) (PubMed:


Step-by-Step Instructions for Sending

You can try clicking on the this link. Depending on your software, that may automatically do the next four steps. If not:

Open a blank email as you normally would, to send to a friend.
Copy the To address ( and paste it into the To line of your blank email.
Copy the Cc address ( and paste it into the Cc line.
Copy the Subject (Please Add DSPD to the NSF Website) and paste it into the Subject line.

Copy the message body (above) and paste it into the body of your email.
Type your name at the bottom, in place of <your name>.
Click Send.

Newsletters are archived on the Members page, in case you want to see this letter again.
You can email us with comments and suggestions about this letter (or anything else) at

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