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2012 Board Elections
Non-24 Awareness Day
NIH Presentation
2011 Board Election
NIH Sleep Research Plan

Archived CSD-N News Articles 2011 - 2012

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Sleep Conference

Our president, Peter Mansbach, attended the Narcolepsy Network conference in October, 2012. The purpose was twofold: to learn from them how they spread awareness of their disorder so successfully, and to raise awareness of circadian disorders. Further details are posted here. Our brochures and Q&A documents were exhibited near the registration desk at the conference (photo at left).

2012 Board Elections

Dec 2012

The current Board of Directors has voted to expand the Board to eight members from the current six. The 2012 Board of Directors election has concluded. The election was conducted by, and all votes were anonymous.

The following people were elected to two-year terms:
Laura Curtis
Susan Plawsky
Ann Snider
Alison Pankey

Shelby Fletcher was elected to a one-year term. She has since resigned. Darren Hill will fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term, by vote of the board in accordance with the bylaws. Alison Pankey has also resigned and has not been replaced.

Peter Mansbach, James Fadden, and Beth Macdonald are in the second year of their two-year terms, and continue to serve.

CSD-N members can view the detailed official results using the same link (or password) they were provided to vote with, in the "BoardElection2012" email sent on or about Nov 30.

Oct 2012

The current Board of Directors has voted to expand the Board to eight members from the current six. Currently, three of the six members are elected in even-numbered years, and three in odd-numbered years. Terms are normally two years, but in order to have staggered terms, three of the current members were elected for one year and are now up for re-election. Similarly, one of the new slots will expire in even-numbered years, and the other in odd-numbered years, so one person will be elected for only one year, and the other for two years.

So there are a total of five positions to be filled, four for two years and one for one year. Per the Bylaws, the person receiving the fewest votes gets the one year term.

The Board has nominated six candidates, and five have accepted. They are (alphabetically by last name):

Additional nominations may be made. These nominations must be supported by at least six members in good standing (i.e. who have paid dues), as evidenced by emails sent by the six members to the secretary at by Nov 20. For requirements, please see Requirements for Directors.

International N24 Awareness Day

Circadian Sleep Disorders Network supported the International N24 Awareness Day event on Nov 24, created by the Non 24-Hour Sleep-Wake Syndrome Support Group on Facebook.

NIH Presentation

A video re-enactment of this year's presentation to NIH is available at That presentation introduced CSD-N and our mission to NIH.

2011 Board Election

The Board of Directors has expanded, adding three more people: Laura Curtis, Shelby Fletcher, and Susan Plawsky. Welcome! The new board also elected officers: Peter Mansbach as President, James Fadden as Vice President, Beth Macdonald as Secretary, and Shelby Fletcher as Treasurer. Now on to defining membership requirements and benefits.

We have consulted all along with people who volunteered to help us, but we've now established a formal Advisory Panel. We list the names of those willing to be public, on our AboutUs page.

NIH Sleep Research Plan Released

The NIH Sleep Research Plan 2011, is now officially released. It sets the priorities for US government-funded sleep and circadian research for the next 3-5 years. There is considerable mention of circadian sleep disorders. The full plan in pdf format can be downloaded from the link on this page:

Our brochure

This brochure is geared to the general public, to introduce DSPS and Non-24 to people experiencing symptoms of these disorders, and to their families. Please distribute it to anyone who may be interested. Print on lightly colored paper for some color, if you like.
Download for 8.5"x11" US letter size paper, PDF
Download for European A4-sized paper, PDF

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