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Letter from NIH

in response to our email campaign requesting that Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders be added to their website:

Dear Mr. Mansbach:

Thank you for reaching out to Michael Twery, Ph.D., Director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's (NHLBI's) National Center for Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR), about Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders. We understand how important it is to you and your organization to raise awareness about Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders. It is important to us as well, and we appreciate the chance to engage with you on this critical public health concern.

The Institute and the NCSDR specifically recognize that moving the research forward is a dynamic process that involves ongoing communication with researchers, health care providers, and private and public organizations such as the Circadian Sleep Disorders Network. You will be happy to know that the NHLBI intends to develop a science fact sheet with an overview of research and resources related to Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders. This will receive prominent placement on our website and will be shared via social media and other mechanisms to increase awareness. Other online NHLBI materials, such as "Your Guide to Healthy Sleep," are periodically reviewed and will be updated to include circadian sleep disorders.

In addition, you may be interested to learn that information on circadian rhythms is also available from the National Institute of General Medical Science "Circadian Rhythms Fact Sheet" at and "Inside Life Science—Tick Tock: New Clues About Biological Clocks and Health" at The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism also offers an "Overview of Circadian Rhythms" at

We will update the community on new online content from the NHLBI on sleep disorders at the next regular in-person meeting of the NIH Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board to be scheduled during the spring of 2014. Please contact Dr. Twery in the NCSDR for meeting details.

NHLBI Health Information Center
P.O. Box 30105
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